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Das I.Gontschar Museum

Adress:Sichnego Povsstanniya Strasse, 29
Telephone: (044) 295-24-19, 288-92-68

The unique museum of Ukrainian culture which has been opened due to enthusiasm of an outstanding Ukrainian ethnographer Ivan Gonchar, it is located in the very centre of Kiev. The big collection of the museum exhibits has no world analogues.

"The Ukrainians must be grateful to Gonchar for saving hundreds of unique culture monuments". These words tell a lot about life and work of one of the most famous sculptor, painter, graphic artist and collector of Ukraine Ivan Gonchar. "The Museum of Gonchar" is situated in the very centre of Kiev - not far from Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. However, it is not so simple to find it out. The building is situated in the yard of the architectural complex and it suits the whole complex so much that a little door-plate near entrance informing about the exhibition of Ukrainian culture can go out of your sight. Besides many visitors are confused with name of Ivan Gonchar and Oles Gonchar (Ukrainian writer). "If people knew more about Gonchar-ethnographer, they would come over here more ofthen" - one of custodians said - "his collection has no world analogues. The works of art collected here are of much value for all the world culture, no matter how corny these words are".

The collection of Gonchar is really amazing. According to art crirics' views, the real value some of the famous paintings: "Kossacs-Mamai", "Chumakyi", "Ukrainian woman near paling", "Lyric", "Dormition Cathedral", some portraits of Taras Shevchenko. The collection includes more than 500 icons, one of the rarest of them is "Watchful Eye" , which is represented in 14s versions.

The clothes and textile - towels, shirts, outer clothing, carpets, embroidery of XVIII-XIX centuries have been carefully chosen in different villages of Ukraine which are now districts of Kiev: Troeschina, Shulyavka, Zshulyany, Osokorky etc. Also, Ivan Gonchar used to collect ceramics musical instruments. His private library consists of 2,750 books - from ancient edition "Apostle" by Lavra printing house (1625) to books issued in the beginning of 90th of the last century.


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