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Pirogovo - Folklore village

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Culture preserve museum Pirogovo covers huge territory divided on separate zones, correlating to specific historico-ethnographical areas of Ukraine. In this museum on open air you can find houses, wooden churches, wind mills and other buildings starting from XVII century. There is bench near every building so you can sit and enjoy marvelous view. Almost all buildings are original architectural masterpieces transported from all regions of Ukraine. Also there is huge collection of furniture, kitchen utensils pottery, clothes and great collection of folk musical instruments. For the deeper learning of history and traditions of Ukraine you can hire a guide or you can explore Pirogovo on your own enjoying beautiful nature, old style architecture and atmosphere of traveling in time. People come here alone and with friends to walk, to play Frisbee or to make a picnic under the wind mill. Also you can try traditional cuisine in the local restaurant where you can taste the flagman of Slavonic cuisine borsch, pampushkas with garlic and other lovely Ukrainian dishes.

How to get there:

From sub. st. "Lybydska" take 11 Trolleybus.

From sub st. "Respublicansky stadion" take 156 route taxi

From Leningradska square take 172 route taxi

From Bessarabska square(Basseyna str.) take 548 route taxi

From sub st. Lukyanovska take 496 route taxi


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