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Customs Regulations

Customs formalities

Under current Ukrainian Customs Regulations a traveler is allowed to bring duty-free the following items: cigarettes - 200 pcs; hard liqueurs - 1 liter; wine - 2 liters; beer - 10 liters, detergents and other surface-active materials - 1 kg.

It is prohibited to import: objects that may cause damage to health or endanger people's or animals' life as well as cause damage to the environment; items that contain propaganda of war, racism and race discrimination, genocide and any other propaganda which is counter to the respective norms of Ukraine's Constitution; items which are imported with the violation of industrial rights or intellectual property. It is prohibited to take out from Ukraine: the objects for which state subsidies are set, except objects of personal use; objects for industrial use; precious metals, precious stones and items made of them; cultural values with the purpose of alienation; goods and other things which are not subject to veterinary, environmental, sanitary or phytosanitary control. They are allowed to be taken out of the country after they have been checked by respective bodies.

It is allowed to bring into Ukraine:

under condition of oral declaration to the customs body:

  • foreign currency in cash in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of USD 1,000;
  • checks in the amount of up to USD 1,000;
  • Ukraine's currency - not more than 1,000 Hrn.;

with mandatory indication in a customs declaration:

  • money taken out of Ukraine earlier (previous declaration is required);
  • foreign currency in cash in the amount of USD 1,000 (up to USD 10,000);
  • checks emitted by foreign banks and non-banking institutions in the amount of up to USD 50,000;
  • More than U.S10,000 (in cash and checks) requires a written statement by the traveler.

Travelers must declare all cash and jewelry, regardless of value, upon entering Ukraine. Any undeclared items are subjects to confiscation.

Customs declaration is valid for a year

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