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Tour to banana and tropical fruits farm for groups

Price: 50 US$


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Take a tour of the banana and tropical fruits farm in Kiev Region. The tour includes a lecture and a short walk through a large energy efficient green house, where you can find a variety of more then 50 different tropical plants such as bananas, tangerines, pomegranates, lemons, pineapples and papayas.. The best time for banana and tropical plants farm tour is winter when you can enjoy the contrast of severe ukrainian winters outside and green and blossom burst of all kind of tropical plants and fruits inside of the greenhouse.

Just imagine a 80-100 cm high banana plant with hundreds of fruites all over it! Or a tiny tree with figs weighting up to 250 g in a pot! Do you know lemon can be cross-bred with tangerine, orange or grapefruit sprigs? The owner of the greenhouse has more than 30 years of selection experience. The gem of his collection is a unique sort of lemon called Kievan lemon. Kievan lemon can be planted even on your northern window sills.

Tour information:
Tour takes 4 hours long.
Our English, German speaking guides are at your service.
You can order your private tour any time.

The cost per group for Banana Farm Tour:
1 per - US$ 100
2 per - US$ 120
3 per - US$ 140
4 per - US$ 180
5 per - US$ 200
6 per - US$ 220
7 - 17 per - US 35$ per per

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