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Nuclear Missile Museum

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, under the 'Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty' (START) agreement with the USA, they were all demolished ... all except one ...

That one remaining complex was turned into the 'Museum of Strategic Missile Troops' (aka the 'Nuclear Missile Museum') which is considered "arguably Ukraine's coolest museum".
Unfortunately, it's not the easiest museum to reach independently (apparently Soviet military bases weren't located near major public transport hubs). 
The Museum
The museum was founded on 20th October, 2001
The museum is maintained by ex-missile troop officers, who double up as tour guides. The museum comprises the Command Post, and one of the ten missile silos that the base used to control, complete with surface buildings and underground connecting tunnels.

 On the way to the first building is a decommissioned P-12 'Sandal' missile of the type that used to be stationed here, with its guts extracted and mounted on plinths either side of the path.
The first building houses a display of various military equipment and medals, and an exhibit about the WWII origins of the Strategic Missile Troops. Also on display is the Control Room equipment, and a sleeping compartment that were installed in the Command Post.

There is also a model of the shock-proofed, self-contained silo-based 12-storey Command Post, which could function sealed from the outside world for 45 days at a time. 

The guide then leads you over to a massive 10-warhead SS-18 'Satan' ICBM parked outside.

SS-18 'Satan' Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
You follow past to the Satan, and through a previously mined area to where the Command Post silo, and the remaining missile silo were sited. Above ground there are some buildings including a machine-gun post, and several vehicles related to the transport, and fuelling of the missiles.
Then you enter one of the buildings, where your guide fires up some equipment, and demonstrated the refrigeration plant. Descending a ladder, you walk down a long passageway, and climb down on to the top of the Command Post - banks of switches surrounded us, and you could still get a dial tone on the wall mounted telephones. 
The highlight of the journey is the 12-floors (45 meters) descent to the bottom of a silo-based  Command Post where you can visit the launch center and living quarters and experience the life a Missile Troop officers.

Sit in the command chair, pick up the phone but don’t push the button!
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