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Bi-2 and National Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine, April 7 | 04.04

          At their upcoming concert Russian rock band Bi-2 will do what so many rockers have done before – team up with a symphonic orchestra and play at the opera house instead of a concert hall. 

         At the show, The National Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine will be conducted by Feliks Aranovsky.

         Currently one of the most successful mainstream rock bands in Russia, Bi-2 was founded in Belarus back in 1989 after the two future frontmen – Shura (Aleksandr Uman) and Lyova (Yegor Bortnik) met in Minsk.

         However, two years later Shura moved to Israel and then to Australia where he played with darkwave band Chiron. Lyova joined him in 1998 and played with Chiron for a year. Finally the year 2000 marked a new beginning in the life of Bi-2.

         The musicians returned to Russia, put together a full-scale band and recorded their first hits “Varvara” and “Polkovniku Nikto Ne Pishet” – the name was a direct translation of the name of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novella “No One Writes to the Colonel.” The latter song, used as the soundtrack for Russian blockbuster “Brat-2” (Brother-2) achieved amazing success and helped make Bi-2 one of the top bands in Russia.

         Since then the band has released five studio albums and recorded a number of songs with other Russian musicians. One of such collaborators, singer Yuliya Chicherina, will perform with Bi-2 at the upcoming concert as a special guest.

Shevchenko National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine
(50 Volodymyrska, 234-7165). April 7, 7 p.m. Tickets Hr 600 to Hr 1,200.

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