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Wellcome to Carp-gallery on Andriyivsky 22-a | 28.07

Karas Gallery, one of the first galleries of Ukraine dealing with contemporary art. Gallery is located in the historical center of Kiev, which also are many other galleries.

In gallery presented by leading Ukrainian artists, painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, installation, new media. Carp Gallery has one of the largest collections of contemporary art.
Activities Gallery

ART management, art consulting - exhibition design, and methodological and educational work for the study, collection and display of contemporary Ukrainian art - exhibitions, expositions and projects in Ukraine and abroad - a strategy creation and development of structures in the field of art - a publication from the present Art of Ukraine, art critics and critical articles - development and publishing of art publications (calendars, booklets, albums, catalogs, posters) - lectures, seminars, conferences - the expert, cultural assessment and analysis of works, collections and projects (accuracy, timeliness, cost)

Collection Gallery

Gallery created one of the most systematic collection of contemporary art of Ukraine: More than 300 works of the most prominent Ukrainian artists, including such well-known as: O. Babak, V. Baja, P. Bevza, V. Bovkun, M. Weisberg, M. Geiko, The . Hnilitsky, G. Grigoriev, B. Gubianuri, O. Druganov, O. Dubovik, O. Zhivotkov, IV Isupov, M. Krivenko, A. Krivolap, P. Lebedinets, P. Makov, M. Mamsikov, O. Matvienko , S. Panich, IA Podolchak, O. Roitburd, T. Silvashi, M. Skuharova, O. Sukholit, S. Panich, V. Ralco, Yu Solomko, O. Sukholit, O. Tistol, V. Tsagolov, in . Tsyupko, V. Shereshevskii, I. Yanovich, etc..

Founders Gallery: Carp Eugene and Valery, Levhanyan Marietta

Phone: 8 (044) 2386531, 4250247, Mob. 38 050 4622 448

Website: www.karasgallery.com

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