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You will be a legend of our time! | 17.10

You will be a legend of our time!

October 21 Khreshchatyk in Kiev for the first time in Ukraine will be large-scale campaign YOGA FREE GAMES.

Speeches, presentations, and unique practices to optimize the condition of the body from
best artists, the most famous art schools and yoga studios. Everyone can test themselves
Contest and win a gift certificate, a personalized yoga clothes, season tickets
classes in yoga studios.

Chip festival: 12.50 collective fulfillment of the complex simple yogic Surya Namaskar

The event will feature:

School of Universal Yoga Studio Andrew Sidersky, Kiev Yoga Studio, Yoga Studio «Be Happy», yoga studio "Ishvara" Yoga studio art ComeOnYoga, Yoga Studio "Vasudeva" Project "Yoga Unites," School of ethnic drums "There there" , a group of Indian dance "Nakshatra" Ayurvedic cafe and many more!

Ball Mukung Singh, Vyacheslav Smirnov, Anatoly Zenchenko, Jaroslav Karaaba, Michael Taratorin Natasha Bortnichenko Alexander Zatolochny Olesya Charivna, Jaroslav Dzhus and many more!

The action will take place within the framework of FREE GAMES CHALLENGES - new and unprecedented event, which will be held October 20-21 in Kiev. Free Games Challenges - a unique mobile arena and outdoor adventure sports, in which the idols Free Games show extreme bright show, conduct master classes with the audience.

More detailed information you will learn in the Content Group SOON!


October 21, 2012
12.00 opening
12.10 Presentation of the First Kiev yoga art studio "sOMeon YOGA" speech on the Acro Yoga (yoga in pairs). Master Max Skoblinsky.
12.30 Competition for the best performance of asanas between women and men.
12.50 Collective perform Surya Namaskar
Leaders - students of the school of Universal Yoga Bortnichenko Natasha, Elena Gladyshko, Eugene Rapp ...
13.30 Presentation of the Kiev Yoga Studio
Yoga and presentation speech Yaroslav Karaaby - Yoga "man style", to the accompaniment of the "School of ethnic drums There There"
Speech school there there with dance accompaniment in ethno Natalia Boiko.
13.50-14.10 solo performance of "School of ethnic drums" There there "
14.10 Presentation Isvara Yoga Center
Speech Anatoly Zenchenko
14.30 Music performance - Jarosław Dzhus, pandora modern
15.00 Presentation of the school "Yoga 23" and yoga studios Andrew Sidersky. Speakers: Alexander Zatolochny, Anton Half Constantine beet, Victor Marchenko, Victor Vasiliev, Lyudmila Zabolkanskaya, Andrei Medvedev, Taisa Pavlyukova.
15.20 Competition for the longest retention of asanas
15.30 Performance of Nakshatra - Indian dance
15.50 Presentation of the school and the Yoga Studio Vyacheslav Smirnov and Elena Ladygina "Be Happy": some basic ideas about of what constitutes a human health and how it affects the correctness of the body + very simple and very effective technique to optimize their condition, removing the stress voltage harmonization of the hemispheres of the brain and body condition. Acts Vyacheslav Smirnov
16.20 Competition for the best performance of asanas names after animals (if there are children - children)
16.40 performance Olesya Charivna: ethnic songs and bhajans
17.00 Presentation School Shadow Yoga and vytsuplenie Michael Taratorin: basic dynamic sequence of Hatha Yoga "Balakrama" (entry into force)
17.45 Raffle and prizes

Main Stage
13.00 Jaroslav Karaaba / bars
14.45 Speech Bal Mukund Singh, presentation of the project "Yoga unites"

Prizes bidders and lotteries:
3 gift certificate for a monthly visit from a yoga studio, "Vasudeva"
- 3 certificates for 4 classes per month from the Yoga Studio "Be Happy"
- 3 certificates for two infrared sauna from Yoga Studio "Be Happy"
- 5 one-time visits to the yoga center "Ishvara"
- 3 gift certificates for 50 USD in shops 4-yoga
- Sportswear store of "Yoga 23"
- Journals of "Yoga 23"
- 3 month subscription from Kiev Yoga Studio
- Integrated Ayurvedic dinner for two at the Ayurvedic Cafe
- T-shirts from the project "Yoga Unites"

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