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Pay on-line


Price: 550 USD /2per


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Travel plan

Day 1
Arrival to Svalyava. Transfer to hotel Quelle-Polyana 4 *. Check in. Romantic Dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast. Excursion to Mukachevo and Chynadiyevo (a gift) 
In the middle of Mukachevo and Svaliava there is well-preserved Shernborn castle. Romantic Shenborn castle was built in the French style during 1890.It is one of the most beautiful monuments of the 19th century and the whole castle is surrounded by a picturesque park,which was built in an English style, a nice little lake, which has contours and shape that is a repetition within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Shenborn Castle is included in the resort of Karpaty. Shernborn castle is similar to quite a few other European castles by its astronomic structure. It has 365 windows (365 days in a year), 52 rooms (52 weeks of a year) and 12 entrances (12 months in a year). The well-preserved Palanok Castle or Mukachevo Castle was built in the 14th century and located on a former 68 meter high volcanic hill. The castle was transformed into a fortress by French engineers. After the storming of the Bastille, the Palanok Castle was used as an all-European political prison. The castle complex consists of three parts: the high, middle, and low castle. It's total area is 14,000 m². The castle consists of 130 different rooms with a complex system of interconnected underground passages. Nowdays the castle is a museum of Mukachevo and the castle history.

Day 3
Jacuzzi (your bonus)  
Excursion to Lumshory or Beregovo. (For extra charge) (10 USD per person) 
Beregovo. Tour.
Beregovo - City of Hungarian kings and all the signs are in two languages - Hungarian and Ukrainian.
Beregove area - a unique region for growing grapes. Visit the "Old cellar, tasting wines in the old Carpathian Cellar. 
There is a Beregovo thermal pool with hot mineral water from the well depth of 1,080 meters. It can heal at least 80 diseases. That is why it's popular within all the Ukraine. 
Experience the unique nature of the Carpathian Mountains, and feel a burst of positive energy by swimming in the vat of the XVI century with the rejuvenation water. Lunch in the real wooden gutsul kolyba.  

Day 4
Excursion to Uzhgorod (for extra charge) (10 USD per person) 
Uzhgorod-old European city with numerous historical and architectural monuments: Uzhgorod Castle, Holy Cross Cathedral, the Synagogue, the longest in Europe linden alley and many other wonderful places. Uzhgorod Castle is located in the city center, on Castle Hill. The castle gates welcome the visitors with the emblem in the form of twining vines - the Uzhgorod's coat of arms. Transcarpathian State History Museum that situated in Castle has 30 rooms and more than 100000 exhibits, including a rare bronze weapon, numismatic collection, shop craft items, a collection of folk musical instruments, and especially valuable ancient manuscripts and early printed books. 

Day 5
Breakfast. Free Day

Day 6
Excursion to the Trout Farm "Vovchy.
Here you can catch not only the lake or rainbow trout, but also prepare it yourself or with the help of a professional chef. Admire the beauty of the Carpathian mountains, ride a quad bike and just have fun.  

Day 7
Check out. Transfer to the station.

Double room - 630 USD (6 nights) per 2 person
Double room - 550 USD (5 nights) per 2 person

The price includes
Hotel accommodation 4 * (5 or 6 nights) 
Transfers (railway-hotel-railway) 
Romantic Dinner
Excursion to the trout farm
Entrance fees according to the program  

Extra bonuses:
Jacuzzi (for 2 persons)
Excursion to Chynadiyevo + Mukachevo
A special gift for couples. 

How to get there:

by train (40-90 USD per person depending on the class)
Kiev-Svaliava Train № 81 departure from Kiev at 18.58 arrival at 08.50 in Svaliava 
Svaliava-Kiev Train № 82 departure from Svalyava at 18.35 arriving in Kiev at 09.23

by car - Kiev - Svaliava - Kiev - 800 USD

by plane - Kiev - Uzhgorod - Kiev - about 350 USD per person


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